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Connecting Ultrarunners Across The Globe

International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation


Our purpose at the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation is to promote and encourage running as a competitive sport, and a methodology for improving physical and mental fitness. Toward those goals, the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation promotes and conducts races or other running activities; disseminates information on running via publications, presentations and educational programs; takes part in or conducts research; makes awards; offers management guidance to member organizations; and conducts related activities.

1. Ultra running (distances longer than 26 miles) is inherently good for the human body, restores physical capacities, enables the body to overcome disease, and the mind to overcome adversity.

2. Ultra running teaches us to "never give up" (also known as "dnf"), and always continue moving forward.

3. The essence of ultra running is a path to become a much better stronger human being.

4. Ultra running teaches us more about ourselves than almost any other activity we can undertake.

5. ANYONE can be an ultrarunner.